RR graphicRosalee Richland is the pen name of two real-life square dancing writers. As Rosalee, co-authors Cyndi Riccio and Rhonda Brinkmann created characters and plots that bring the Darla King Mystery Series to life. Darla and her friends portray the warmth and friendship so often found among square dancers, and each book is titled with the name of a dance call. Stay in touch with Rosalee and Darla on Facebook, Goodreads, or the Darla King Mystery Series blog. Find out more about Rosalee on her Amazon author page or contact her through email.

All of Rosalee’s Darla King mysteries are available in eBook and paperback from major online booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

 Darla series graphicThe Darla King Mystery Series: The Darla King Mystery Series contains three light-hearted mysteries telling stories of the fictional amateur sleuth Darla King.  Darla left her position as a Florida investigator amid turmoil in both her professional and personal life hoping to avoid any further involvement in crime or law enforcement—but her curiosity keeps getting in her way. She never dreamed that her midlife career change to square dance caller in a small Texas town would be anything but relaxing. She was wrong.


bookmark-RLGcoverRight and Left Grand is the first book in the Darla King series. It is set in Texas, with action traveling from east Texas small towns to square dances in Houston and Dallas. As a new square dance caller, Darla certainly didn’t expect to be involved in police cases or FBI investigations.  All that changed though, when an unconscious stranger turned up on the ranch of one of her dance club members and Darla’s specialized knowledge may hold the key to the identity of his assailants.



Bookmark-LTBcoverLoad the Boat is the second book in the Darla King series. It is set on a square dance cruise. Yes, they really have those! When Darla agreed to serve as caller on the cruise, she relished a new adventure and planned on a little work with a lot of fun. Maybe some romance. Instead, she and her dancing friends encountered intrigue, a dead crew member, and a mysterious man with a satchel.




cover2-front onlyFollow Your Neighbor is the third book in the Darla King series. This story finds Darla at home in the fictional town of Isquith, Texas, and this time Darla faces a mystery close to home—her home. When a neighbor was murdered on her driveway, Darla got the distinct feeling that her neighbors weren’t what they appeared to be. Her romantic life tangled up with her professional life and her sleuthing, but eventually Darla figured it all out.



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