My nonfiction writing concentrates on providing helpful, informative articles and documents. Although I’ve written or assisted with many technical documents in the past, my current nonfiction writing centers around two outlets. I serve as Brazos Valley Events Examiner for the news site, and I write online booklets in a series called Speed Rede: Tips to a Fuller Life.

You can find a list of my recent articles on my Brazos Valley Events Examiner page.

 You can buy the Kindle version of Speed Rede booklets
on Amazon.

 Brazos Valley Events Examiner: enlists the aid of thousands of independent contributors to post timely, entertaining, and informative articles. The site reaches millions of readers across the United States and around the world. The articles I contribute to focus on activities in or around the Brazos Valley of Texas and especially keep people informed about theater, arts, and live music events.

Speed Rede: Tips to a Fuller Life: My Speed Rede series provides basic information on a group of general topics to help people understand them better. I write Speed Rede booklets to help people who are facing new chapters in their lives or searching for ways to begin a new adventure. New booklets go up frequently, often covering topics chosen by requests I receive.



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