Client Services

When words are your tools, Wordsmiths4u!


Through my business, Wordsmiths4u, I offer services including document packaging, editing, consulting and instruction, seminars, and a variety of other editorial assistance services.

I’d be happy to talk with you about your editorial projects.

To contact me, click on my Contact tab.

  • For self-published or small-press authors, services of an outside professional editor are particularly important since manuscripts will not be reviewed by in-house publishers.
  • Used effectively, the services of a professional writer and editor save you time and money as well as produce an improved final product.

For an example of one of my document packaging projects, see Sarah Wilson’s lesson plan and materials page on the well-known Teachers Pay Teachers website.

My seminars, consulting, and instruction activities cover topics such as effective business writing, best email practices, writing exercises for creativity, and improved writing skills.


Notes regarding Wordsmiths4u services:

  • Wordsmiths4u does not offer services to high school or undergraduate students. Services related to theses or dissertations are undertaken only with approval of the committee chairman.
  • Wordsmiths4u provides professional services to improve your work and to assist in conveying your message clearly and effectively. We do not promise any results beyond our services, such as manuscript acceptance or publication.
  • Clients are responsible for the content, accuracy, and legality of their final material.
  • Wordsmiths4u can inform clients regarding general copyright use, but we do not file copyrights, check for existing copyrights, or obtain permission to use copyrighted information. Clients are responsible for ensuring that their materials do not use plagiarized material and do not violate copyright laws.




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